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The Kingdoms of the World

Since the earliest recorded times, the civilized people of the World have organized themselves into Kingdoms, as is the natural order of civilizations. From the Castellans appointed by the Elven Fairest to the rulers of Men ordained by the Builder, it is accepted as natural fact that some are born to rule, and others must follow, lest chaos overtake all civil order. The major Kingdoms and powers are:

  • Avaloria The burgeoning Empire and home of the Renewed Temple of the Builder.
    *New Avaloria The vastly unexplored continent in the West, far across the sea. Ruled by the King’s daughter, the Princess Regent, the King’s Law and influence stretch from Regency City in the northeast, all the way to Blackwood Falls in the southwest.
  • Cimerian The largest remaining faction of the old Hegemony and home of the First Temple of the Builder.
  • Tamarna Once a collection of agricultural fiefdoms and warring factions, this exotic sub-continent is on the rise after years of famine and civil war ended with the intervention of the Avalorian Empire.
  • The Garden A confederacy of city-states founded and populated by humans and Tieflings who swear fealty to Daemonic Outsiders.
  • The Bastion Federation The newest player in the political games of the old continent, this group of small kingdoms has forged new links between themselves in hopes of warding off Cimerian nationalism.
  • Iberion The kingdom of Elves, ruled by the Fairest and home to the most advanced financial institutions in civilization.

Organizations and Institutions

*United Fraternity of Alchemists

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