The goal of the Blackwood Falls Chronicles is to bring High Fantasy to the broad expanses and homesteads of the Wild West. Far from the castles and cobbled streets of the Empire across the sea, the customs and culture of the old countries are bleached by the harsh sun and hot winds of the Badlands.
But even here, on this new and mostly unexplored continent, the reach of the Lords of the Empire and the King himself can be felt. By the command of the Princess Regent, the Knights of the King roam the plains and deserts, enforcing the King’s law. The Imperial Dragoons, a fighting force forged from the dregs of society, patrol the frontier, keeping the foes of the realm at bay. The United Fraternity of Alchemists sends scouts and scholars into the wild lands, cataloging the locations of Wellsprings, where raw magic seeps into the world. Even the Collegium of Wizardy has formed footholds in this new land.
But the perils are many- the untamed land sometime rears up in deadly Wellstorms that savage the land with weather and magic. The Great tribes of the Orcs seek to keep their lands and lives free from the control of humans. Savage animals, previously undocumented, hunt livestock and farmer alike. And deep in the jungles to the south, the Last Emperor of the Dwarves loses his empire day by day, inch by inch, drop by drop of blood, hoping only to hold out long enough to find a way to reverse his cursed peoples’ fate.
The daring and the brave can make a fortune here. The unprepared and weak will find only death, and the frontier always has a new way to trap the unwitting.
It is from the town of Blackwood Falls, last bastion of the King’s Law and civilization, that the future of the frontier will be decided.

Blackwood Falls Chronicles